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A baseline for ambitious small businesses

What is it ?

If you are a smaller company, cyber security might not be high on your priority list. This is perfectly understandable - it doesn't seem to increase revenue and you have a lot of other plates to spin.

It's just not on your list of priorities.

Until the unimaginable happens and one of your employees starts a company with a client list you toiled to gather. Or a ransomware attacks cripples you financially.

You try to solve it by getting cyber security insurance. But that's like getting fire insurance and playing with matches all day long. In that case, perhaps you don't really care about your home all that much.

We're doing it differently - we're going to help you fireproof your home.


There are other reasons to do this:

- You want to show your clients you can safely handle their data - it's a selling point you can use !

- Think of the reputation damage a hack or breach can do.

-  You might need to comply with the GDPR - yes we said the word- and that involves information security

- If you ever want to become ISO27001 - this starter pack will lay the foundation as it is built upon this standard.

Our solution

Which is why we are presenting you our  "cyber security starter pack".  It's the ideal solution for a small business (<50 FTE) and it delivers a foundation to build on.

We spend 2 full days analyzing your company after which it will take us another 2 days to process the information.

What You Will Get

You will receive the following deliverables:

-  A confidential and extensive report on the state of your business' security

-  A detailed list with security issues - listed in order of priority

-  The low-hanging fruit : things you can remedy yourself right away

-  A suggested roadmap

Our price

Fixed price of 2499€ VAT excl. for 4 days of consultancy.

Important to know that this is ONLY for companies with less than 50 employees ..



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