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E-Discovery & Litigation Support

Finding tiny needles in giant haystacks

What is "E-discovery" ?

Enormous amounts of data are being produced every single day. The statistics are mind-boggling. Humankind generates more data in one single working day than in its entire existence up to 2010.  When an incident happens and evidence needs to be found or you are a looking to do financial due diligence because of an upcoming potential acquisition or merger, well, good luck with that !

There is so much data to sift through, spread over so many locations, that trying to do this manually is the definition of madness

That's where we come in. Using AI-driven software from a few carefully selected vendors and partners we can set up a system that would allow your attorneys to look for evidence based on keywords.

Litigation Support

We have built up some experience assisting law firms and government agencies in antitrust settlements or other investigations to setup an e-discovery framework and help them collect evidence in such a manner that it will be admitted in court.

Just like an investigator at a murder scene does not trample through the evidence and carefully labels and bags every single piece of evidence, we help you to do the same.

Having the combination of legal knowledge, along with 10 years of hands-on experience in large cases, makes us the ideal partner to help you with this.


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